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About us

Located in China, FIVER Auto Parts Co.,Ltd is a professional auto parts supplier, which specializing in design, research & development, manufacturing and distributing Auto Parts. We extend our auto parts sales network to more than 30 countries.

 Our Auto Parts Series:

Brake Parts Brake booster, Hydroboost unit, Brake booster pump, ABS pump, Brake caliper , Master Cylinder

Electric PartsTransfer case motor, 4WD actuator, Electric air smog pump, Electric air suspension pump, Wiper motor ,etc.

Fiver's differences from other auto parts suppliers: we focus on non-easy-broken parts ,hard-found parts for brake and electric system. Since its establishment, the company has helped to solve countless challenges and troubles for users worldwide.

To guarantee quality, we own manufacturing facility with advanced production and testing equipment. We precisely follow ISO/TS16949 quality management system guidelines in all processes of R&D, manufacturing, quality control, and sales. We use 100% online checking. With the above mentioned measures, we provide our customers with safe, reliable, traceable auto auto parts and services.

As an industry expert, FIVER is driven to deliver solutions for improved vehicle performance, safety, and overall operating cost.

FIVER gains customers' trust on quality and gains the markets!

FIVER's Philosophy originated from five "R": Reliable   Responsible   Respectable   Reasonable   Remarkable!



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