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Hydraulic System Debugging and Application

1. Routine debugging of hydraulic system

Firstly, there is a hydraulic pump. Quantitative pumps are usually adjusted by an overflow valve, while variable displacement pumps generally have pressure regulation and flow regulation, which can be adjusted according to the actual situation.

The second is that a relief valve is installed at the beginning of the hydraulic oil circuit to prevent excessive pressure from damaging the valve and other components for protection. Generally, this is adjusted first. The value should be lower than the maximum working pressure of your hydraulic component, and higher than the required pressure.

The third step is to adjust the pressure of each circuit, including pressure reducing valves, relief valves, etc. The pressure can be gradually adjusted according to the needs. If you use a proportional valve, it usually adjusts the speed of the oil cylinder inlet and outlet. It can be adjusted based on production efficiency.

2. Application of hydraulic system

Due to the many advantages of hydraulic technology, it has been widely used from civilian to national defense, from general transmission to precision control. In the mechanical industry, 85% of machine tool transmission systems currently use hydraulic transmission and control, such as grinding, milling, planing, pulling, and combination lathes; Hydraulic transmission is widely used in construction machinery, such as excavators, tire loaders, automobile starters, crawler bulldozers, self-propelled scrapers, Grader, rollers, etc; In agricultural machinery, it has been used in Combine harvester, tractor and tool suspension system; In the automotive industry, hydraulic braking, hydraulic self unloading, and fire protection ladders are widely used; In the metallurgical industry, such as electric furnace control systems, steel rolling mill control systems, hand furnace charging, converter control, blast furnace control, etc; In the light textile industry, such as injection molding machines, rubber vulcanization machines, paper machines, printing machines, textile machinery, etc; In the shipbuilding industry, such as full hydraulic dredgers, salvage boats, oil production platforms, wing boats, Hovercraft and ship auxiliaries. In the Arms industry, many weapons and equipment of the army, navy and air force use hydraulic transmission and control, such as aircraft, tanks, artillery, missiles and rockets; In short, hydraulic technology can be used in all engineering fields, and in situations where mechanical equipment is available, with a wider and more diverse range of applications and equipment.

The working principle of the hydraulic station is as follows: the motor drives the oil pump to rotate, the pump absorbs oil from the oil tank and outputs pressure oil, which converts the mechanical energy into the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil is transferred to the oil cylinder or oil motor of the Hydraulic machinery through the external pipeline after the direction, pressure, and flow are adjusted by the hydraulic valve through the manifold block (or valve combination), thus controlling the change of direction, strength, and speed of the actuator, Push various Hydraulic machinery to do work.


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